A great deal of our everyday lives is spent at work and so it’s vital we’re happy there. The laws and regulations that apply to relationships between employers and employees are complicated and often confusing; they are also increasing noticeably. If you do not understand your rights – or respect the rights of your employees – your business can suffer.

At Callan Tansey Solicitors LLP, we provide our employer and employee clients with expert legal advice about employment law in Ireland to ensure the workplace is legally compliant, stress free and successful. Our employment lawyers deliver practical and commercial solutions to a broad range of private and public and organisations in Ireland.

To employers, faced with ever increasing compliance obligations, we offer a full compliance health check and best practice guidelines and provide the legal documents and procedures which allow them to concentrate on their business. Our approach helps employers prevent costly problems before they emerge.

To employees with workplace difficulties, be that unfair dismissal, redundancy, contract of employment, we provide clear expert legal advice and help about Irish law necessary to secure your employment rights. We provide legal representation to employees at internal workplace investigations/ hearings and in employment law venues including the Labour Court, the Employment Appeals Tribunal as well as the Civil Courts.

Employment contract representing employment law


Unfair Dismissal Cases

Unfair dismissal cases involve disputes between employers and employees over alleged wrongful termination, often requiring legal resolution.

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Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are vital processes for resolving disputes and ensuring a fair and safe work environment through thorough fact-finding.

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Bullying/Harassment Cases

Bullying and harassment cases address harmful workplace behaviours, necessitating intervention to protect employees and maintain a respectful atmosphere.

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Workplace Accident Cases & Work Related Injury Cases

Workplace accident cases and work-related injury cases deal with incidents that result in physical harm or injuries at work, requiring investigation and potential legal action.

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Advisory (Employer & Employee)

Advisory services provide valuable guidance to both employers and employees, helping navigate complex workplace issues and make informed decisions.

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Brian Gill

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