Callan Tansey Solicitors LLP is a leading law firm recognised as one of Ireland’s foremost personal injuries* and clinical negligence solicitors for road accidents, life-changing injuries to the brain or spine, and accidents at work. We specialise in public liability cases from the initial application to the Personal Injury Assessment Board (PIAB) through to the courts.

Our legal team has a reputation for fighting hard to ensure the best results for our clients. Our solicitors bring cases for those who have had an accident or have been injured because of someone else. We have vast experience in handling cases for those unfortunate enough to have suffered catastrophic injuries such as amputation, spinal and severe brain injuries and those involved in major disaster cases including work accidents, transport disasters and rail crashes.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


Man suffered personal injury and knee being put in braces


Road Traffic Accident/Car Accident Cases

Road traffic accident cases require swift, thorough investigation for fair resolution and enhanced road safety.

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Accidents at Work/Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents pose serious risks to employees’ health and safety, necessitating proactive measures for prevention and swift response when incidents occur.

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Psychiatric Injury/Post Traumatic Stress Cases

Psychiatric injury/post-traumatic stress cases involve evaluating mental harm for legal claims, often stemming from traumatic events.

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Fatal Injury

A fatal injury is a tragic event resulting in the loss of a person’s life, often with profound and far-reaching consequences.

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Garda Compensation Scheme

The Irish Garda Compensation Scheme provides financial support to members of the Garda Síochána who sustain injuries in the line of duty.

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Accidents in a Public Place

Custody and access refer to legal arrangements determining a parent’s rights and responsibilities for a child’s care and visitation after separation or divorce.

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E Bike Accidents

E-bike accidents, though convenient, pose safety risks. Helmets, proper training, and awareness of traffic rules are essential for rider safety.

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Accidents Abroad

Accidents abroad can disrupt travel plans and lead to unexpected challenges. Understanding safety precautions and knowing what to do in such situations is vital.

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Criminal Injuries Claims

Criminal injuries claims provide victims of crime with a legal avenue to seek compensation for physical and emotional harm caused by criminal acts.

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Serious/Catastrophic Injury Cases

Serious and catastrophic injury cases demand immediate attention and expert legal representation for just compensation.

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John V Kelly

Partner, Head of General Litigation

Brian Gill

Partner, Head of Commercial Litigation

Caroline McLaughlin

Partner, Personal Injury Litigation, Catastrophic Injury, Debt Recovery

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Associate Solicitor, Personal Injury Litigation

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Solicitor, Personal Injury Litigation

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Deirdre Lynam, Personal Injury Client