Our business disputes (commercial litigation department) has the expertise and experience to apply the best legal advice to your dispute, whether in conventional Court proceedings or in the emerging areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, such has arbitration and mediation. Where appropriate, we will offer solutions that avoid litigation.

We handle all forms of contractual disputes, including warranty cases arising from corporate acquisitions or disposals, shareholders’ disputes, agency and distribution matters.

For corporate clients, this means we will achieve outcomes that make sound commercial sense and which allow you to continue to focus on your business goals.

Private clients can be assured that our expert legal advice and experience in the field of litigation and dispute resolution gives you peace of mind.

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Contract Disputes

Legal conflicts arising from alleged breaches or misinterpretations of contractual agreements.

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Business Torts

Claims involving wrongful acts such as fraud, interference, or unfair competition that cause economic harm to a business.

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Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes

Disputes over the unauthorized use or infringement of trademarks, patents, or copyrights.

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Brian Gill

Partner, Head of Commercial Litigation

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