The area of Wills, Trust and Estate Planning has become increasingly complex. There have been many changes to Irish trust and tax laws. New regulations and procedures mean the need to ensure compliance is more important than ever. It is essential that advisors in the area are specialists who regularly update their skills and expertise to best advise their clients.

Membership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Joanne Leetch, Associate Solicitor at Callan Tansey Solicitors, was recently accepted as a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). STEP is an international professional body with a total membership of 17,500 in 87 different countries. Membership is only open to the most experienced and senior practitioners in the fields of trusts and estates. There are only two hundred members in Ireland, and Joanne is one of the few based outside Dublin.

As a full member of STEP, Joanne is entitled to use the letters TEP and be described as a registered Trust and Estate Practitioner. The Trust and Estate Practitioner designation (TEP) is an internationally recognized designation and is a way to formally identify qualified practitioners and distinguish them from non-specialists who occasionally deal with trusts and estates.

Specialist in Estate Planning and Conveyancing

In the 12 years since qualifying as a solicitor, Joanne has specialised in Estate Planning and Conveyancing. She recognised early in her career the need to specialise in a specific area of law, the importance of constantly updating her skills in that area and the critical value that brings to her clients.

Prior to being accepted as a member of STEP Joanne completed a Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning at The Law Society of Ireland. This course was designed specifically to enable solicitors to advise clients on all aspects of the creation of wills, the operation of trusts, associated tax implications and overall estate planning. The qualification ensures that Joanne is currently one of the most expert practitioners in the country when it comes to Estate Planning.

Joanne is available for consultation with clients across the country and through all of the Callan Tansey Solicitors offices. For more information you can contact Joanne here.