The United Nations has declared Saturday February 20th, World Day of Social Justice. Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social right and opportunities. This international day recognises the need to promote social justice. It reminds people to keep fighting against discrimination in all forms including gender equality, exclusion, unemployment and social protections. It aims to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone.

Here, The Law Society of Ireland chose to mark the day with a video presentation from our Treasa Norrby, speaking about her experience of the Law Society Access Programme and how it helped her qualify as a solicitor.

Speaking of her experience Treasa said, “We all face many challenges and road blocks on our own personal journeys towards a career in the legal profession. Don’t allow your socio-economic circumstances to be one of them. Seek the help that is available to you from the Law Society and avail of the kindness and support that others within the profession are willing to extend to you. There is no shame in getting a helping hand and with a little bit of hard work, you can achieve anything”.

Niamh NiMhurchu, joint Managing Partner of Callan Tansey Solicitors, responded, “ We were delighted to welcome Treasa to Callan Tansey Solicitors last December and she is an great addition to our busy medical negligence department. Her perseverance and determination to pursue her goal to qualify as a solicitor despite many challenges have equipped her with resources and skills that make her a dedicated litigator committed to persisting on behalf of clients to achieve the best results”

If you have any questions about the Law Society Access Programme, Treasa’s experience of the Programme, or have a Medical Negligence query you can contact Treasa at