Sligo Acts Across the world people have sung on balconies, binge watched drama series, read more books, and joined their choir or other musicians to perform on Zoom. At Callan Tansey we value the vital role the Arts play in our lives and in our community. We are delighted to announce our continued sponsorship of The Hawk’s Well Theatre for 2021.

The past year has been difficult for the Arts Sector in particular. We appreciate the opportunity to support The Hawk’s Well Theatre in what has been a tough time. Going to the theatre, meeting friends, enjoying a performance, or even taking to the stage ourselves are all things we have missed this past year. Missing these experiences has made us value them even more. In the Northwest we are extremely lucky to have a such a wonderful theatre. It consistently attracts talented performers from across Ireland. Yet has always committed to nurturing talent in the local community. We want to ensure that when the time comes that we can all gather at events and performances again The Hawk’s Well Theatre will be able to open its doors and welcome the community in once more.

However, despite closed doors the team at The Hawk’s Well Theatre have been busy preparing a wonderful programme for 2021. This includes creative workshops, and the Time at the Well residency, featuring Cathy Jordan and John Carty. Full details of all the events, which are accessible online, can be found here. Join us in supporting our local Arts community and ensuring they can continue to entertain, inspire, and uplift us with their incredible talent.