For the month of March staff at Callan Tansey Solicitors LLP participated in the March into March. This is a fundraising campaign for Sligo Cancer Support Centre, our neighbours at 44 Wine Street, Sligo.

Sligo Cancer Support Centre

Sligo Cancer Support Centre is a place of peace and hope for people with cancer and their families. At Sligo Cancer Support Centre they can access support, counselling, holistic therapies and healing workshops in a caring and tranquil environment.

Teambuilding whilst fundraising

During the month our team participated in personal set targets of steps per day. A number of group walks took place throughout the month. The Campaign had the dual purpose of promoting team health and wellbeing and re-integrating socially after the various Covid restrictions whilst raising fund for essential services in our locality.

During lockdown some of our team took regular lunchtime walks to remain active depite restrictions. The example shown by these walkers motivated us to encourage group walks at lunchtime and to participate in the March into March.

Caroline McLaughlin, Partner at Callan Tansey Solicitors LLP said that “Participating in this event has been a great experience for our team. It has encouraged us to arrange group walks at lunch to promote health and wellbeing at work. This is something that we will continue into the future. We are thankful to all at Sligo Cancer Support Centre for their great initiative and we wish them continued success in the amazing work they do for our community”

Donations can be made directly to Sligo Cancer Support Centre