Our Niamh Ní Mhurchú recently represented the family of the late Linda Connell at an inquest into her death. Ms. Connell, a 41 year old mother of one was from Trim, Co. Meath.


Admitted for Routine Surgery


Ms. Connell was admitted to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Navan for a planned laparoscopic removal of an ovarian cyst on March 6th 2020. Following surgery she became unwell and died five days later at Baumont Hospital, on March 11th 2020.

The inquest heard that that during surgery an Endoclot Adhesive, which is contra-indicated for use in gynaecological procedures was used.


Verdict of Medical Misadventure


The inquest found that it was impossible to ignore that there was a temporal link between the procedure and what happened to Ms. Connell afterwards. The coroner, Dr. Clare Keane, returned a verdict of medical misadventure.


Statement from the family of Linda Connell


In a statement, Linda’s husband David Freeman said:

“ The life we enjoyed together as a family has been destroyed, our days are now a living nightmare. I can’t see how I can ever recover or move on with my life. My wife underwent a simple gynaecological procedure and ended up losing her life. I stand here today to be a voice for my darling wife Linda and to try and get some answers for her, her son Joshua and her adoring family and friends”


Media attention


The inquest in to the death of Ms. Connell attracted considerable media attention including the below

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