The fatal injury case of Ann Moyles was ruled today in the High Court. The case concerned the death of Mrs. Moyles in December 2017. She attended A&E in Mayo General Hospital.  Her condition deteriorated and she died a few days later. Regrettably, deficiencies in her care led to her demise. The HSE admitted liability in this case which resolved following mediation right before the trial date. Our Mr O’Malley added the family welcomed the apology and admission of liability.  “Meditation was a very successful mechanism of resolution; however, it was regrettable that the meditation happened so close to the trial”.

Statement from the family:

Ann MoylesFirstly, on behalf of the Moyles family, I would like to thank David O’Malley Solicitor for all his help with this case. Regarding the case of Ann Moyles mother of 7 children, Grandmother of 8, the care our mother received is unacceptable, or should I say, the lack of care is totally unacceptable.

Ann Moyles was admitted to Mayo University Hospital (MUH)in late December 2017. She was treated on arrival by A&E. When treatment was first received, she was in good form, after being seen to by the A&E team. Later that night, she was still in good spirits and in good form with her husband Anthony and son Thomas by her side. They were then advised that she was being transferred to the ward and was being guaranteed a bed. She spoke to Anthony and Thomas about bringing up toiletries for the morning and, as it was late, she advised them it was pointless hanging on much longer as she was going to be moved to the ward at any moment.

They left that night content that she was in good form and feeling better. When the next morning arrived, her son Anthony arrived early to the hospital, On initial inquiries, he was unsure as to where his mother was. Eventually, he was directed towards A&E. On entering A&E, he began to search. Eventually, he found his mum in a cubicle with another patient gasping for air, oxygen mask on top of her head. Shocked, he rushed to the nurses to advise them of her condition, to which there seemed to be no urgency to the situation and was advised that there was no doctor available.

After insisting a doctor be got immediately, only then did care seem to kick into place. She was then transferred later up to ICU and passed away some days later.

Ann Moyles, wife of Anthony Moyles, mother of 7 children, grandmother of 8.
Ann Moyles a great wife, mother, grandmother and friend, who lived for her family and friends. Due to circumstances, some of which we have never received the answers for, she never came home that Christmas.

As a family, the reason we are here today highlighting this case is to shine a light on the disgrace that our hospital and hospitals around the country are in. People can’t choose when they get sick and there seems to be a serious difference in the outcomes when people get sick during the holiday periods or weekends. People should be afforded the same care regardless of when they get sick and need the services of A&E and hospital care.

Our health care service is a shambles and a disgrace. The amount of horror stories everyday is not acceptable.

To not be able to get a doctor in A&E is not acceptable. To not be able to get a bed in a hospital is not acceptable. To be left on a trolley in a critical condition, gasping for air, and to be ignored is not acceptable.
To have to fight for treatment in a hospital is not acceptable.

And the sad part of all this is it’s all too common. This case is going on for 6 years and nothing is changing.

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