The High Court has agreed a settlement totaling €320,000 in the lawsuit involving a seven-year-old girl who, as a newborn, suffered a chemical-type burn purportedly due to a wipe left in her incubator at a maternity hospital.

During the proceedings, it was disclosed that the wipe, containing a solution of 2% chlorhexidine gluconate, remained unnoticed by nursing staff until nine hours after her birth.

Following the incident, the infant underwent a week-long course of antibiotics and was subsequently transferred to another medical facility for additional treatment, including dressings and assessment by a plastic surgeon.

Senior Counsel Jonathan Kilfeather informed the court that the child sustained scarring on her left hip and abdomen, with potential need for surgical intervention.

The legal claim contended that such wipes are intended for occasional use and not for prolonged contact with the skin. Allegations included negligence in removing the wipe and failure to adhere to recommended usage guidelines.

The lawsuit, brought by the unnamed minor against The Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, Dublin, in connection with the 2017 incident, was met with denial of all allegations.

Mr. Justice Paul Coffey, acknowledging the severity of the scarring, deemed the settlement fair and reasonable and granted approval.


Our Sorcha King represented the client on this case.

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