After lengthy mediation the case was settled for €10.5m to provide for the care Sam will need for the rest of his life.The court was told his parents are in their 50s and are concerned about his care in the future.Approving the settlement Mr Justice Kevin Cross said it was a reasonable settlement and saved the family the stress of possibly weeks of proceedings which could have an uncertain outcome.The judge said he wished this “loving and protective” family all the best for the future. The judge said the settlement was in money terms the best the courts could do for Sam.Afterwards the family’s solicitor David O’Malley said legal action was initiated after medical records were investigated when the family sought legal advice in relation to the withdrawal of Sam’s medical card in 2014.He said the Forde family was happy with the settlement but disappointed the process took so long and that liability had not been admitted.

Mr O’Malley also said the mediation process had worked well in this case.