In accordance with the Coronavirus COVID-19 National Programme, CallanTansey has continued to support clients from behind closed doors for the past number of weeks with the team working remotely. As Ireland moves to re-open, CallanTansey is strictly adhering to the National Return to Work Safely Protocol.

The Protocol sets out a series of mandatory steps businesses must take to protect both staff and clients from the spread of Covid19. The phased re-opening is a guideline to enable businesses to adequately adjust to increasing their activities in a safe way. It recognises the interdependency between, public health and wellbeing and economic activity.

Over the past number of weeks our team have fielded many enquires about how we are working within Covid-19 restrictions and we would like to share those with you.

Are solicitors open?

Since March, all CallanTansey offices remain closed to the public. However the team continues to work remotely, progressing clients files and receiving new instructions. So despite not having physical offices open as usual, CallanTansey has the technologies in place to enable the team to work securely from home. CallanTansey has put together a COVID-19 response team, who has developed a strategy and plan for safe re-opening.

Can I contact my solicitor while the offices are closed to the public?

The switchboard at CallanTansey is fully operational on 071 916 2032 and able to take your calls. You can also email your solicitor directly or through, and your email will be directed to the relevant person. As well as connecting by phone and email, solicitors are also arranging Zoom calls with clients, you can find out more Zoom Call Details here.

When will solicitors reopen?

From June 8, CallanTansey offices will open for a small number of staff who will work in accordance with Government Guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing. From June 8th, where is is absolutely necessary and appropriate, we will now be able to meet clients, but ONLY by prior appointment. At present CallanTansey does not plan to open its offices to the public before June 29, 2020, at Phase 3 of the government programme for phased re-opening, and then in limited circumstances and strictly adhering to The Protocol.

What does phased reopening mean?

The government has published The Roadmap for Reopening Society. It sets out how the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on a phased basis over the next few months. While everybody is still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible you can get detailed information on the Phased re-opening here.

Is it safe to visit a CallanTansey office when they reopen?

Every arrangement is being put in place to protect both staff and clients from the spread of Covid-19. Physical distancing measures are being put in place in all offices as well as strict cleaning and hygiene controls. Each person who enters a CallanTansey office will be expected to adhere to strict social distancing, sanitisation and contact tracing processes. A restriction on client visits to office will be put in place, and where required to attend, a controlled access process will be in place.

Further updates will be available here on our website and on our social media channels as Callan Tansey moves through the phased re-opening process.


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