As a leading Medical Negligence Practice, health and wellbeing are always foremost in our thoughts at Callan Tansey. We have always encouraged and supported our team to participate in events and activities that are fun, promote wellbeing and give back to our community. This has been a difficult year for everyone, and it has not been possible for us to gather as a team, or participate in many of the activities we enjoy. We invited the women of Callan Tansey to sign up for the VHI Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon and were delighted with the incredible response from across our offices.

This year, with the traditional VHI Women’s Mini Marathon being cancelled, the organisers responded by running a virtual event. Women across the country were invited to run or walk the “10km your way” between 1 and 10 October. The 10k can be completed in a single day, or over as many days as suits the participant, meaning if you can manage to complete 1 km per day it is achievable for everyone.

Since 1 October, the women of Callan Tansey have been out and about across the region running and walking their 10k. Some managed to complete their run in an afternoon. Others decided on a couple of 5k runs, while others have been tracking their walks throughout the week to reach their 10k goal. It has been a wonderful opportunity to do something together while we remain apart, and pledge support to the various causes close to our hearts at the same time.

We are not alone, the organisers have been overwhelmed by the response from across the country. We took photos along some of the routes we have covered to create a visual souvenir of our virtual mini marathon. Perhaps you will recognize some of the locations close to you.

There is still time to register, and an opportunity to be part of this wonderful event.